Virginia Anderson Baker (VAB) Watercolors
I am a traditional watercolorist. I don't use computer image manipulation.  It is water plus paper, brush, paint, imagination and emotion for me.  I have always been drawn to the spheres, curves, and sweeping movements which are found in my work.  The circle represents the eternal life of no beginning, and no end.  The perception of the tiny atom floating up through the tides, moon, earth, sun, solar system and the universe, yet to be fully explored, illustrates this wonderment.

The omnipresence of the Universe is very humbling to contemplate.    

Rather than paint a realistic image, I want to give visual form to emotion, energy, and spirit.

  I have been on a mind-body-soul


 that I want the viewer to see, but more importantly, to


My energy is transferred to each painting in many different ways.  Sometimes tapping my fingertips into the wet paint; at other times I score the paper with the end of the paint brush.

It is a


I invite you on a


 to a world that is ever changing, challenging, chaotic, spiritual, beautiful and exciting.


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